15 Floor Board Iray Shaders – Merchant Resource


15 Floor Board Iray Shaders – Merchant Resource.

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This set consists of 15 patterned wooden floor board surfaces. Each preset has unique designs and texture maps. These shaders have been designed to control the glossiness – 0% to 100% as you see fit. Displacement maps have been included in the presets but can be removed should you wish.

The intensity of the normal maps can be changed from 0% to 100% to enhance the details.

(1) 15 x Floor Board Iray Shaders. (Includes Albedo, Bump, Roughness, Glossiness, Normal and Displacement maps).
(2) 4 x Glossiness presets.
(3) 4 x Normal Map presets.
(4) 4 x Tiling Presets.

They have been individually crafted with high quality textures and texture maps. This set is ideal for floors, wooden surfaces, walls, architecture and furniture.

The textures have been designed for Iray but can also be used with 3Delight if you tweak the settings.

How to use the Shader Presets?

Load any material surface that you would like to have the shader applied to. Then select the preset from the folder and apply.

Can they be used for creating your own products?

This is a Merchant Resource. Please read the “Readme” file to see how this Merchant Resource can be used.









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