21st Century Girl

“21st Century Girl” – This is an outfit that contains a female jacket with the dForce option, Bodysuit with lace and opaque parts, Gloves with lace cuffs, High-heeled shoes and shaded Glasses.
All items are made for Genesis 8 Female and Nvidia iRay. Tested in DAZ 4.12 .

Jacket, shoes and glasses have settings (morphs) for adjust.

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I also added static props that can be used to create custom scenes.
Props of bodysuit, gloves and shoes contain morphs for changing shape and position.
The Bodysuit prop also has the dForce option.

You can use tights and gloves with and without gloss.
I made the shine as a separate Geometry Shell. This made gloss rendering very realistic.

You can remove lace from tights and make them transparent. To do this, use the “Remove Lace” option in the Bodysuit materials folder. And also apply the material “Sheer Gloss” for Geometry Shell with gloss.

Use the default Simulation settings for the Jacket. But be sure to turn on the “Start Bones From Memorized Pose” button in the “On” position.
Select the line “Current frame” for standing poses.
For seated poses, the best way is to use the timeline and line “Animated (Use Timeline Play Range)”.

If after using the simulation you see polygons through a jacket, use special options to fix this. You will find them in the tab Parameters – Morphs.
Also, if you used the Weight or Heavy body shape and you see the polygons of the toes through the Bodysuit, you can use the special option to fix this. You will find them in the tab Parameters – Morphs.

What you get with this package:

Bodysuit with Gloss
Feet Pose
Gloves with Gloss

Dropped Bodysuit with Gloss (Prop with morphs)
Dropped Bodysuit (Prop with morphs)
Dropped Gloves with Gloss (Prop with morphs)
Dropped Gloves (Prop with morphs)
Jacket on Mannequin (Prop)
Shoes on the Floor (Prop with morphs)

21 Materials and 1 option for Bodysuit
2 Materials for Bodysuit Gloss
15 Materials for Glasses
21 Meterials for Gloves
1 Material for Gloves Gloss
14 Materials for Jacket
15 Materials for Shoes

iRay Material Options for DAZ Studio 4.10 or higher

Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio



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