3D Greeting Cards for Poser

3D Greeting Cards for Poser are 20 cards with messages or greetings for you to:
* add your character,
* place in a scene,
* render as is,
* use to send someone a greeting or message.

The cards are large enough that a character can sit in the bath or on the chair. Reduce their size (to about 20%) to place on a table or a shelf.

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Props: 20 Greeting Cards

1. Coffee?
2. Come play with us! (cats)
3. Congratulations
4. Do you believe in magic?
5. Get well soon
6. Hang in there!
7. Happy Birthday
8. I love you
9. I’m sorry.
10. Join me? (in the bath)
11. Make a wish!
12. Party Time!
13. Sleep over?
14. Thank you
15. Thinking of you.
16. Time to Celebrate!
17. We need to talk.
18. You can count on me!
19. You make me smile.
20. You’re as sweet as candy.

The materials for Superfly and Firefly are created together so that you can use any render engine without having to change anything.

In most cases the colour is in the settings and you can change it.

This set does NOT work in Daz Studio:
1. The materials are mostly Poser procedural materials that Daz Studio doesn’t translate.
Some of the text, and a few of the props distort when imported into Daz Studio.

Poser Pro 11

Props for Poser and Daz Studio



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