3D MODEL CONVERSIONS, Fantasy Castle OBJ to Daz Studio PROP

In just under 24-minutes, you will learn how to transform this free 3D Model Environment from its default Wavefront OBJ format into a usable Daz Studio format as either a saved Scene or as a Prop in DUF format. The Fantasy Castle model is available for free subject to its own licensing terms. We will show you where to get it, how to convert it, and how to save it so it appears in Daz Studio whenever you need to use it. This training package includes two high-quality 1600×900 video guides in both MP4 and WMV formats along with a colorful fully-illustrated 40-page PDF to read or refernce when needed.

In the first video, we teach you where to place meshes and textures in the Runtime folders used by Daz Studio Poser Formats. You will learn the techniques required to import and use 3D models in Wavefront OBJ format with Daz Studio (DS) along with texture and bump map images. You will learn how to select and apply those textures to the correct surface groups on the 3D model. Lastly, we show you how to save your work as a scene and merge it with other scenes when needed.

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In the second video, we demonstrate how to convert the Fantasy Castle scene into a fully functional Daz Studio DUF prop. We briefly cover how to prepare the viewport for a nice thumbnail icon for your new prop. We cover how and where to store your new prop so that both the Daz Studio Format and Data structure folders are properly created. We finish by showing how to clear the viewport and test your new prop in Daz Studio.

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Requirements:  PDF Reader, MP4 Player, WMV Player

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