3D Planets Volume 1


Add real 3D planets to your scenes. Make your deep space renders jump to a new level of detail by adding one or more of our celestial bodies to your cosmic canvas.

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12 Planets. These are full 3D planets (three with rings) that can easily be dropped into your Daz scene.

3 Suns. These special bodies provide a dramatic light source and are capable of generating a warm glow around any objects in their proximity.

1 Special Void backdrop. This is a three-layer set of 2D planes that can become the far backdrop for the entire space scene. Choose from 10 different star patterns and 10 point star (brighter and bigger stars) variations to create a unique galaxy to frame the planets. This prop includes gaseous nebulae material presets. Choose from 30 different nebulae materials to add a cosmic cup of color or mix and match the planes for a colorful cosmic kaleidoscope.









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