51 Panel Van for DS


A Panel Van also known as a car or sedan delivery,
is a cargo vehicle based upon passenger car chassis.
Great for a local grocery store or just out in the barn collecting dust.
There are a lot of options on this vehicle.
Hope you have lots of hours of fun with this one!

~~~ Here is what is included with the set ~~~

51 Panel Van
51 Van with All Rags
51 Van On Blocks
Concrete Blocks Stacked
Concrete Block
Empty Box
Rag with 32 different Morphs to move to different locations
32 Single Rags that are in location
1 Rag with Dforce applied
1 Wheel Cover Left Side
1 Wheel Cover Right Side
1 Wheel

~~~ Materials ~~~

26 Bumper New
14 Bumpers Old
4 Concrete Blocks
24 Grill New
13 Grill Old
All Lights Off
All Lights On
Backup Lights Off
Backup Lights On
Brake Light Off
Brake Light On
Fog Lights Off
Fog Lights On
Front Signals Off
Front Signals On
Head Lamps Off
Head Lamps On
10 Neon Colors including Off
20 Paint New
20 Paint New Fender Flames
20 Paint New Hood Skull and Flames
20 Primer Old with One that applies all zones
7 Signs
23 Wheels New
12 Wheels Old

~~~ Shader Presets ~~~

5 Metal New
21 Paints New
15 Rags

Textures Include:
1,871 Texture, Displacement, Normal, and Specular Maps (247 x 110 to 4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)







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