ADVANCED STUDIO SCRIPTING, Adding Lights To Scene in Daz Studio

In this learning module, we will cover how to add lights to your scene and group those lights together. We have included the full source code from our Daz Script Utilities “Cube of Light” and “Ring of Light”. With this training, you can learn more about how to code in Daz Script to control the Daz Studio environment with lighting. The code is provided for learning and educational purposes only and is not a merchant resource and is not to be shared or distributed. However, you may develop and use derivative utilities based upon this code for your sole use.

It is not the intent of this tutorial to teach the basics of Daz Script or advanced programming techniques, but to demonstrate how adding lights was done by us to help you write your own scripting code that adds and groups light objects in the Scene. Increase your knowledge and built upon your experience level by diving into the code that is executed for the Cube of Light and Ring of Light utilities for Daz Studio 4.

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A basic understanding of functions, loops, variables, arrays, counters and daz objects is required. This package is in PDF format including the complete fully functional DSA code in text format. Tinker and experiment with code to try new things.

Daz Studio 4

Requirements:  PDF and TXT Reader

3D Models for Daz Studio



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