Aki Bodypaints Vol 1 for Genesis 8 Female(s)


Aki Bodypaints is a set of stylized and decorative bodypaints to add personality to any character.

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While we have drawn inspiration from a variety of sources, this bodypaints package isn’t meant to represent any particular style, tribe or culture, it is a creative and original that aims to be a tool to add depth and interest to a characters’s look!

The included paints range from simple, spur-of-the-moment kinds to more complex and planned designs, but all of them can be considered genre-less, as in being adaptable to any setting. While they will look just perfect on a tribal, wild or otherwise savage-looking character (be it human, orc, vampire, alien and anything else), they can also fit more mundane fantasy and contemporary or (cyber)punk, post-apocalyptic and futuristic looks, not to mention steampunk and daring fashion ones.

This package includes aย whole-body-covering bodypaintย withย 10 full-body stylesย andย 25 partial-body stylesย (5 each for face, head, arms, torso and legs). It also includesย 2 complete decorative styles, Fantasy-Celtic and Tribal, with several partial body-options and someย utility stylesย for lips, palms and soles.

5 geoshellsย are available, so that you can mix and match the styles to create your own, unique ones (and also use other geoshell-based products, such as our Dirt package for a more complete and contextual look).

Additional options includes opacity options (especially useful when mixing various designs) and 19 great looking colors (but remember you can set any colors you want for the Base Color -surface tab-).

This package is compatible with any Genesis 8 character and will look great on any kind of skin. It is also compatible with Genesis 8 geograft anatomical elements.









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