Ali Baba dForce Clothing and Hair for Genesis 8 Male(s)


If your scene is inspired by the 40 thieves, or Aladdin, or Arabian Nights, whether he is prince or pauper beggar or thief, we have your guy covered From pointed slippers to turban. it comes with a dForce Vest, dForce haremPants with the options of shin or ankle length, with varying degrees of bagginess. you also get a dForce waist sash with hanging sash tails that can be used dynamically or with included rigging and shape morphs.

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In addition to the Turban the tail of which can use either dForce or included joints to provide more natural flow and direction, this package also comes with a traditional Fez that can be used on its own, combined with the turban, or worn with the dForce Dynamic hair.

The dForce Dynamic hair includes two different style options straight bangs and Aladdin inspired side sweep bangs, we have also included both short and long sideburns, as well as a version for use under the Turban. there are 4 color options.

We have included an Arabian inspired Scimitar for those scenes where Ali really has to make his Point. A selection of sword wielding poses will help him get there.

The product is made for dForce but works well in most poses as conforming








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