All Hallows Spooky Tree Stumps Roots and Mushrooms


You have your spooky scene, what’s missing is a trip hazard!

Try Bluehost its fast

Add spooky, gnarled stumps and roots, toxic fungi that glow strangely in the dark! Your characters will instantly have the means to sit, stand, trip or climb all lit by the eerie glow of the mushrooms and fungi growing from both the stumps themselves and individual rings and groups to scatter across the ground!

Two sets of mushrooms and fungi in each model mean you can use the included material presets ( both full and partial) to make them have a ghastly glow, or a more conventional look or even get rid of some or all of them altogether.

The fungi and mushrooms are divided in to two groups – on the stumps the bracket fungus at the top ( group 2) and the mushrooms growing from the bottom ( group 1) both of which have a selection of material presets especially for them, the mushroom models have the two groups in where appropriate the group two materials going on the smaller mushrooms that pepper some of the clumps!

You can remove the tree roots completely from the stumps or just the smaller ones. Combined with the two material options (pale which they load with and a slightly darker one) and the usual variance of scale and y rotation and you have the potential to create a whole decapitated Halloween forest!

Although the set has been designed with Halloween in mind, and indeed will blend beautifully with the All Hallows Slime Tree bundle, they will work equally well in a more naturalistic setting too!








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