Ambient Moves Volume 1 For Genesis 8


Ambient Moves Volume 1 now brings you these poses to bring to life your Genesis 8 characters working in the background of your animations, as well as additional action poses for the stars of your show. From the bystanders to the adventurers, Ambient Moves has the animations to enhance your character animations with!

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This pack comes with 18 different motion-captured animations, all optimized for Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8 Male characters, and provided in these formats:

  • aniBlock
  • .DUF

Special Feature: Chaining and Looping Animations

  • Idle A, Idle B, and Idle C will all loop and chain with one another.
  • Simple Walk will loop with itself.
  • Crouch To Walk chains directly from Walk to Crouch, and into Simple Walk, Simple Walk And Turn Simple Walk Stop Turn Walk, and Walk Into Surprise.
  • Simple Walk, Simple Walk, And Turn, Simple Walk Stop Turn Walk chain with one another, and chains directly into Walk To Crouch.
  • Walk Into Surprise chains directly from Crouch To Walk, Simple Walk, Simple Walk And Turn, and Simple Walk Stop Turn Walk.

Special Feature: Still Poses

  • For you still artists, you will find included over 75 still poses for each of Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8 Male. All poses are in .DUF format and can be applied with a click. The hands remained unposed to give you the choice of grasping objects.








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