Angelic-Fallen LIE Tattoo Overlays for Genesis 8 Male


This is a LIE Tattoo Overlay set for Genesis 8 Male; a completely original ink set that is not part of any other character base that has been released as of yet. For your everyday kinda guy to the street thug or clubber, they can show either a dark side to your Content Library’s male, or just a little individuality.

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This set is tested with the Genesis 3 Male UV’s, and as the promos show it can work on the Genesis main figures as well, but be aware there are one or two tattoos that may have seam issues if used on another UV set. Since the Genesis 8 Male and the Genesis 8 Male main figures use the same UV set, this will not be an issue on the Genesis 8 version.

Great thing about the LIE is that it doesn’t matter if the render engine is Iray or 3Delight, it’s all in the skin, not the engine! Base character skins have not be changed other than to add the LIE Tattoo Presets to each.








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