AprilRose HD for Genesis 8 Female


AprilRose is a beautiful woman with a serious and responsible face. Remember those Irish beauties with red hair and deep eyes. AprilRose comes with two skin texture options, with very few freckles and with a completely freckled body and face. Nine options of makeup for each of the leather textures and nine lips that can be added to any of the makeups of the two skin textures. Nine personalized colors of nails and nine beautiful eyes. Her brows are fibermesh and have six colors options. That makes it very versatile.

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Your AprilRose HD details are built in resolution level 4 but they were down to resolution 3 because of their high level of realism and can even be used without raising the resolution and obtaining excellent results.

In addition to all of the above, AprilRose comes with a dForce Swimsuit & Ribbon. Beautiful clothing that can be used as well as either conforming or as dForce clothing.  It comes with six textures options for the Swimsuit and six for the Ribbon.

Do not miss the opportunity to have AprilRose and your dForce Swimsuit & Ribbon in your Libraries!









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