Arti for Kala 8


An exotic beauty for your Library.

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Arti comes with a custom face morph blended with Kala 8 and the Daz Head morphs for Genesis 8 Female.  Her body morph is a blend of Kala 8 body, the Daz Body morphs for Genesis 8 female plus custom morphs to change the size of the fingernails and other hidden adjustments.

Her skin was totally painted in Mudbox and enhanced with Iray materials that includes 4 base options: With/Without Painted eyebrows, With/Without Blush and Eyeliners.

FiberMesh eyebrows were created to add volume to the painted eyebrows, but they can also be used without the painted eyebrows for a thinner look.

The package comes with Henna tattoo overlay layers for the face, arms, and legs in 11 colors and 2 different designs for arms and face. Face tattoos come in 2 versions: Overlay and LIE layers. The LIE layers allow to use Face Henna tattoos on top of the Eyes Shadows overlays. Also includes 9 Eyes shadows, 9 Lip colors, Glitter Layers for the eyes and lips with presets to adjust the intensity or remove them, 7 Eyelashes colors and 7 matching Eyebrows colors.

Tattoos, Eye shadows, Lip colors, Eye colors, Eyelashes colors and Eyebrows colors material presets can also be applied to other characters regardless of their skin color.

For your convenience the Eyelashes and Eyebrows presets included in the Characters folder are Hierarchical Materials; but a second copy included in the Anatomy folder are regular Materials.








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