AtoZ Brushes – Door Pulls Etc I v1 for Photoshop (.abr files)

AtoZ Brushes – Door Pulls Etc I v1 for Photoshop 7 & CS4 and other 2D programs supporting .abr brush format
Some times the 3D furniture I have in my library simply doesn’t have the Door or Drawer Pulls I wish they did, so I created this brush set for us. This set includes 58 different Door/Drawer Pulls in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. And, if you use multiple layers using these Phothshop 7 or CS4 brushes, you can easily make them appear as though they were 3D! This can most easily be accomplished by using two layers one with a light or dark color and the other with the opposite.

Let your imagination run wild and find a wide variety of uses for these. You’ll see the 3D effect you can create by inspecting the Promotional pictures in detail… Enjoy!

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This AtoZ offering includes both a CS4 and a Photoshop 7 formatted .abr brush file and a large two page .pdf showing of all 58 of the included brushes which range is size from 114px to 1458px.

Included are Round, Rectangular, Square and Ovoid shapes. Most are recessed and many show handles that if they were in in a 3D format would be pulled up… Of course, in this 2D brush format there are no moving parts.

I hope you like this brush set and will consider adding it to your 2D tool kit! If you do, may I thank you in advance.


Copyright 2019 Tim Machan’s AtoZ, Inc.
Renderosity License in Documents Folder

Photoshop CS4 and above

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio—door-pulls-etc-i-v1-for-photoshop-abr-files-/140284



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