AtoZ NDN Dropshop Add-Ons 2 v1


AtoZ NDN Dropship Add-Ons II v1

You may have noticed that… Yes… I have a “thing” for the DZfire NDN Dropship! I’ve made weaponry for it that can be used anywhere BUT was created to arm the NDN Dropship. And there’s a weapons loading rack and the whole Flight Deck Materials set for the V4 Future Cop (see the Genesis version of Future Cop too). With this set you can turn V4 into an Air Marshal or Flight Deck, Ground Crew or even Camo suited Crew members. All for the love of this NDN Dropship. Oh yeah, and I’ve got a thing for the NS3D Helicon Station launch platform also! Guilty as charged.

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Soooo, I’ve put together this little set offers you two very useful detail and articulated action items for the NDN Dropship or for just about any other vehicle with a turbine intake! (And more)

You get: What’s a simply ultra cool twin bladed Turbine Intake with twin rotating sets of impellers. Each of the two impellers are angled either for clockwise or counter clockwise rotation. So use the dials and spin up the turbine! With the twin blades the spin up gets blurry in a hurry. But never as blurry as I wanted for you (or for me) SO add in a Smart Prop Spin Plate which has a texture applied and needs little rotation to appear very real. Yes, the Turbine also comes with a Hub “Spin Action” MAT Pose to apply to fully blur the Turbine Intake!

Everybody likes a little magic right? So you also get a Fuel Filler with articulated Latch and Lid. Where’s the magic? There are two “fuel” layer plates which you can hide if your model has an actual hole in it, but many models don’t so these are very useful! Use these “pseudo layers” which can be slid up and down to simulate fuel levels… Whalla there’s the MAGIC!

OH, for the love of the Dropship, I forgot to mention that there are three Transparency Textures that are easy to apply to the NDN Dropship (in the Materials Room) to create the holes that give the NDN Dropship a bit more realism! You can see these holes in the promo pics!

BONUS ITEMS: “New” RED LEDs for the Helicon Station AND Eight Spinning Smart Props for the Turbohawk (yeah I love this one too … see my other Turbohawk Add-Ons!)

This set includes…

Geometry files in:

26 Texture Files (HiRes .jpg) in:

Figures in:
A2Z Intakes 4Xs NDN Dropship.cr2
A2Z Turbine Intake 1.cr2
Tank Filler With Magic 1.cr2
Helicon ALL A2Z Lights.cr2

Props in:
Smart Turbine Spin Plate.pp2
Turbine Action Spin Plate.pp2
Helicon Station Lts 2.pp2
Helicon Station Red Lights.pp2
Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM>Others>Turbohawk Action
Rotor Left Bottom.pp2
Rotor Left Top.pp2
Rotor Right Bottom.pp2
Rotor Right Top.pp2
Turbine Left Front.pp2
Turbine Left Rear.pp2
Turbine Right Front.pp2
Turbine Right Rear.pp2

Poses and MAT Poses in:
A2Z Turbine Intake 1.pz2
A2Z Turbine Intake 2 .pz2
A2Z Turbine Intake 3.pz2
A2Z Turbine Spin Bright.pz2
A2Z Turbine Spin Dark.pz2
Spin Bright Plate.pz2
Spin Dark Plate.pz2
Spin Darker Plate.pz2
Spin Golden Plate .pz2
Tank Filler W Magic 1.pz2
Tank Filler W Magic 2.pz2
Tank Filler W Magic 3.pz2
Tank Filler W Magic 4.pz2
Runtime>Libraries>Pose>TJM>NDN_Dropship>Tank Filler Colors
Filler Any Color.pz2
Filler Green.pz2
Filler Lt Blue.pz2
Filler Mottled.pz2
Filler Purple.pz2
Filler Trand Green.pz2
Filler Trans Any Color.pz2
Filler Trans Green.pz2
Filler Trans Mottled.pz2
Filler Trans Purple.pz2

If you add these AtoZ products to your libraries, may I thank you in advance!
Legal Stuff:

Copyright 2018 Tim Machan’s AtoZ, Inc. aka: TJM, Tiger9166, A2Z & AtoZ All Rights Reserved

Renderosity License file included.

Note: This set only includes the AtoZ files contained in the Directories listed above.

Poser 7+

Requirements:  designed for NDN Dropship, Turbohawk and Helicon Station but very handy to apply to other vehicles.

Props for Poser and Daz Studio



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