Thief Tools


So, you’ve tagged your mark, but how do you swipe their stuff? You need the right tools for the job. Whether it’s the old-school finesse of lockpicks and a slim-jim, the brute force method of a crowbar or cutting through a glass window, or the high-tech decoding of a car, safe or burglar-alarm, Thief Tools … Read more

Orcish Camp 1


Orcish Camp 1 is a collection of 8 rustic campsite props for Iray and 3Delight. These are great for populating your scenes with different styles of houses and the the light-weight polygon/texture count make these ideal for use in large numbers. They also all feature removable walls and adjustable doors for added ease of use. … Read more

FG Modern Dean’s Office


FG Modern Dean’s Office is the perfect office interior with tons of props and high-quality textures for all your rendering needs. What’s Included and Features FG Modern Dean’s Office: (.DUF) Scene Subsets: FG Dean’s Office !Complete FG Dean’s Office Ready to Render Zero Props: FG Ballpen 1 FG Ballpen 2 FG Books 1 FG Books … Read more

Textures Add-On for Cyber Steampunk Girl


The Textures Add-On for Cyber Steampunk Girl features additional textures and styles for the Cyber Steampunk Girl. These include 7 new styles: Burnt Metal; Forged Iron; Grungy Brass; Junk Yard; Military; Old Metal; and Porcelain. What’s Included and Features Texture Add-On for Cyber Steampunk Girl: (.DUF) 9 Options for Geoshell Armor 9 Options for Helmet … Read more

Grasp Helper for Genesis 8 and Genesis 8.1


In real life, when a human body or an object is grasped or pressed by a hand, its surface will deform correspondingly under the pressure of the hand and fingers. Through Grasp Helper, we can quickly simulate this phenomenon in Daz Studio. Grasp Helper allows your character to grip or press any part of the … Read more

Cyber Man Outfit for Genesis 8 Males


Prepare your Genesis 8 men for the rough streets of the cyberpunk future with the Cyber Man Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s). This set is a little flashy, a little practical, and always making your man look his best no matter what high-tech trouble he gets into. The bodysuit and vest have multiple shaping options … Read more

Killer Tee – Genesis 8


Knock em dead while keeping cool in this sexy little Summer Tee Shirt for your Genesis 8 and 8.1 girls. Includes a special Cleavage morph for G8/8.1 for a little extra heat. Includes dforce for those who want it but dforce is not required. Killer Tee includes: 1 Shirt for Genesis 8/8.1 1 Custom Cleavage … Read more

InStyle – Killer Tee – G8F


Product Name: InStyle – Killer Tee – G8F ************************************************************ Product Description: ************************************************************ “InStyle”is a companion texture set for Killer Tee – G8F by kaleya. This set contains eight,high quality textures for all then pieces of the outfit. Iray materials included! You will find nothing but the highest quality that you have come to expect from … Read more

Miskatonic University Gymnasium Basement for Poser


Below the university gymnasium is the school laundry, with several industrial washing machines and a massive coal powered water heater that heats not only the washing machines but also the bathrooms for the entire building. In fact the heating room is a dark place and seemingly dangerous place, though a locked side room has a … Read more

mn child run and jump


*10 poses and 5 expressions for growing up 5-6 for G8F ,plus a Zero expression pose and a Zero full pose. The poses are made for “5-6 year old setting” and the “G8F base female”. They would work in other characters and ages with a bit of adjustment, but they are intended to fit the … Read more

Jake G8M


Jake is an highly realistic man for Genesis 8 Male, he was created distinctly for Artists who like realism in their renders. Additional morph: the Adam’s apple. Extra goodies: moustache with several color options. Included also the MAT files for the add-on “Anatomy G8M Genitalia” with the two options Circumcised or Uncircumcised. Normal Maps included. … Read more

Yuuki Asami For Genesis 8.1 Female


Yuuki Asami is an Asian woman with a name like Japanese, character that looks like a Japanese woman to the Japanese. Yuuki Asami is a realistic female character, maybe like an anime cosplay, like final fantasy character or like a game character and supermodel. The background I gave her is a woman who is 20 … Read more

InStyle – Metal Heart Micro


Product Name: InStyle – Metal Heart Micro ************************************************************ Product Description: ************************************************************ “InStyle”is a companion texture set for Metal Heart Micro by LAP3D. This set contains eight,high quality textures for all then pieces of the outfit. Iray materials included! You will find nothing but the highest quality that you have come to expect from us in … Read more

Trail Runner Outfit for G8F


This product is a tight fitting, highly dynamic full atheltic outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 females. It boasts compatibility with several base characters as well as a plethora of morphs and adjustments, and pains have been taken to make it as adaptable as possible. An HD pair of sporty hiking/running/climbing shoes come complete with … Read more

Ondine For Genesis 8.1 Female


Ondine HD for Genesis 8.1 Female… Ondine is a beautiful new and original character Genesis 8.1 Female. In Greek Mythology ‘Ondine’ means ‘The Spirit Of The Waters’. Ondine was sculpted in ZBrush and utilizes all the amazing PBR enhancements of the Genesis 8.1 Female such as Micro Detail Normal maps, Ambient Occlusion maps and Specular … Read more

RN HD Minto Elder and Minto Cute Poses


As time went by, Minto entered her high school life. She’s a cheerful and lively character. Minto is a living treasure in the school as she brings countless laughter to her class. In this complex society, Minto has always been the most active star. Get RN HD Minto Elder and Minto Cute Poses today! What’s … Read more

Father’s Day Sports Props for Genesis 8.1 Males and Females


Let’s play ball!! This pack has some of the basic props for outdoor sports. It includes wearable presets for the equipment to be held by any Genesis 8.1 character. What’s Included and Features Father’s Day Sports Props for Genesis 8.1 Males and Females (.DUF) Sports Props Baseball Bat Sports Props Basketball Ball Sports Props Frisbee … Read more

Daz Iray – Luxurious Fabrics


Daz Iray – Luxurious Fabrics – merchant resource, that can be used to create your Free/Commercial projects. You will get quality daz iray shaders created using fabric photo resources. All textures included in this set a very big and detailed, digitally created, 900 x 900 px in size. Textures are unique but also you will … Read more

Cybertopia X03 for G8F AddOn


A perfect AddOn for Cybertopia_X03 for G8F but can be used alone. Contains 1 Conforming Helmet and 1 conforming Glasses which can be loaded individually. This set contains a sort of Helmet available in 6 versions (Fabric Clean, Dirt, Worn and Metal Clean, Dirt, Worn) and a pair of glasses available in 3 versions (Metal … Read more

Lips Morphs for G8F Vol 7


Product Name: Lips Morphs for G8F Vol 7 ************************************************************ Product Description: ************************************************************ Lips morphs of a variety of types to fit the sexy & fantasy theme of any of your Genesis 8 Females characters. These morphs are very realistic and provide a lot of flexibility for Genesis 8 Female. ************************************************************ System Requirements: ************************************************************ This product … Read more