Autumn Decor Bundle 1 – OBJ

A collection of 45 Autumn and Harvest-themed props for seasonal decoration of an outdoor area. These can be used to dress up a doorway, a house or building entrance, a front yard, a gate or any area needing a festive appearance. The objects are high resolution, photo-realistic and can be used in any application that imports *.obj files.

There is a copper mailbox with a toy tractor top that can be re-scaled or deleted as desired. The red metal flag and the mailbox lid can be rotated as needed. To accommodate Poser users, the toy tractor, metal flag and mailbox lid are separate objects so they can be easily repositioned.

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There is a hay bale which can be duplicated and rotated so that several of them do not look alike. There are two different black metal candle lanterns with candles inside them as separate objects. The smaller of the candle lanterns has a rotating handle that can be positioned as desired.

There is an weathered wooden bench, a unique old wooden bucket with forged iron handles and stave rings, and a light pine wood apple crate with copper nails.

The apple crate currently holds a pile of heirloom (Black Arkansas) apples as a single object, and the bucket holds a pile of pomegranates as a single object. (The mass of apples and the mass of pomegranates can be removed from the crate and bucket, allowing you to use the crate or bucket for other objects.

There are four individual apples of slightly different colors and two individual pomegranates of slightly different colors and shapes. There are five individual persimmons (each slightly different). You can use the individuals items to make any arrangement of fruits desired.

There are five different pumpkins, and there is a “character” broom that can be used as a witch’s broom if desired.

Finally, there are 10 unique sycamore leaves in fall colors, each in two different curved or cupped shapes (for a total of 20 individual leaves). To make your arrangement go more quickly, there also is a small pile of sycamore leaves in a single group.

You can scatter the leaves in any way desired, and you can position them so that they appear to be falling from a nearby tree or blowing in the wind. (The leaves are detailed, taken from photo scans, curved or cupped, and use normal maps to give provide depth or thickness.)

Some of the images above illustrate different ways these props can be arranged. One of the images shows the individual fruits, leaves, candles and candle lanterns available in this bundle of props.

Props for Poser and Daz Studio—obj/139611



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