Autumn Decor Bundle 2 – OBJ

A collection of 39 Autumn-themed decorations for the dining table, sideboard, window sill or other interior settings.

There are three main table centerpieces. A stylized copper bound wheat stack, a flower centerpiece made of Physalis flowers in a crystal vase, and two “church style” candle lanterns.

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These can be surrounded by candles of various types and colors (13 candles here), or the individual flower and leaf clusters or pomegranetes included in the bundle.

There are three different Birch Bark candles.

There are candle rings for the thick and the thin (standard taper sized) candles. One is swirled grass with berries and tiny colorful maple leaves caught up in the grass. The other is small green leaves and berries around a copper ring.

And there is both a small pile of leaves in Fall colors, plus 12 individual leaves for scattering, or clustering around the candles and centerpieces.

Two independent candle wicks are included for any of the candles. One has no flame – a plain canvas-colored unburnt wick. The other is burning with two offset and overlapped flame bodies and is a dark grey canvas texture. (Depending upon your application, you can use the included flame texture, or replace it with emmisive yellow materials as shown here.) This gives you the freedom to make any and all of your candles burning in a night scene, or unburnt for a day scene.

Props for Poser and Daz Studio—obj/139784



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