Bullwarg’s HD Alternate Skins

“Bullwarg’s Alternate Skins is a set of 5 Full Body textures for Bullwarg HD for Genesis 8 Male. Real frogs have been taken as references and inspirations for each design to allow you to populate a world with different races.

And because we value the importance of customization, we have also included 6 eye material presets and two mouths and teeth material presets. In addition, we have taken Banded and created an overlay mask to allow you to change the marking on him to any color you want.

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For new users who might find tweaking surfaces daunting, we have included 6 overlay color presets and three overlay intensity presets to get you started. Just keep in mind that you need to apply the overlay preset first and you will not be able to visualize the change in color until you render!

For those who would like to know about these guys real-world frogs counterparts, here is the list:

Blue:Blue Poison Arrow. We envisioned this guy as someone obsessed with knowledge, especially regarding poisons and antidotes. You will often find him tweaking and mixing away in a lab, unconcerned with anything happening outside unless it messes up his experiments.

Milk:Amazon Milk Tree Frog. We envisioned this guy as someone cheerful, action-oriented, adventure-seeking, and curious as a cat. Of course, he is an explorer, not a fighter. So, whenever things get dangerous, his instincts will have him run rather than fight!

Tree:Red-Eyed Tree Frog. We envisioned this guy as someone peaceful in nature who values calm and beauty above everything. Though he will not run away from a fight, he will use violence only after he is exhausted every other option. He is something of an ambassador, polite and always seeking knowledge.

Strawberry:Strawberry Poison Dart. Contrary to the sweet nature of his name, we envisioned this guy as a mercenary who loves the thrill of negotiating a deal as much as he does the bloodlust of fighting a war. He is always looking for the upper hand and loathes mixing business with emotions, much to his partners chagrin.

Banded:Yellow Banded Poison Dart. We envisioned this guy as a loud and boisterous fighter who literally wears his emotions on his skin. His color’s marking can display his emotions: Yellow signifying harmony, Green signifying envy, Red signifying anger, Purple signifying understanding, Blue signifying sadness or confidence, White signifying fear (color provided by the Overlay On preset). Of course, using the surface settings you can apply whichever color you want to his marking. In so doing, you can expand the range of his emotions.

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What’s Included and Features

  • Bullwarg’s HD Alternate Skins:
    • 01 Arrow
    • 01 Banded
    • 01 Milk
    • 01 Strawberry
    • 01 Tree
    • 02 Eyes Blue
    • 02 Eyes Bronze
    • 02 Eyes Gold
    • 02 Eyes Milk
    • 02 Eyes Red
    • 02 Eyes Silver
    • 02 Mouth Blue
    • 02 Mouth Pink
    • 02 Teeth Blue
    • 02 Teeth White
    • 03 Banded Overlay Blue
    • 03 Banded Overlay Green
    • 03 Banded Overlay High
    • 03 Banded Overlay Low
    • 03 Banded Overlay Med
    • 03 Banded Overlay OFF/ON
    • 03 Banded Overlay Purple
    • 03 Banded Overlay Red
  • Textures Include:
    • 85 Texture, Emissive, Normal, Specular, and Transparency Maps (4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Male

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Required Products:

Bullwarg HD for Genesis 8 Male

Install Types:

Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install




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