C3D Country Kitchen


C3D Country Kitchen represents a large 800 square foot kitchen and dining room scene separated by a short hallway. The set is designed to be large enough to comfortably fit a camera without appearing oversized; additionally, each wall can be individually removed for additional flexibility.

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Key features are the tin ceiling, fully articulated doors, cabinets, and drawers, and two preloaded scenes: antique and modern. The antique version features an authentic 1907-1920 Western Electric telephone and ca. 1940 appliances! The modern version is optimized for the C3D Appliances set (available separately), including an under-counter opening for the dishwasher. Both versions include the dining set, breakfront, sideboard, tables, and dishes — a total of 22 furnishings as separately loadable objects that can be used here and elsewhere.

C3D Country Kitchen has a very small geometry and texture footprint for the amount of complexity, so it’s easy to drop it in, pose your favorite characters and hit render, without a lot of lag or fussing around with hiding individual items to speed up the render.









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