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C3D Neighborhood XPack 3


C3D Neighborhood XPack 3 marks the completion of Neighborhood Block 1. Featuring two exterior-only houses, this set caps the last corner on the block in style.

Both houses are based on turn of the century kit houses popular from 1900 until the end of World War II, and many of which still stand today. The first house is a classic American Foursquare, the second a classic Colonial. Both houses feature garages, and also included are the lawns, sidewalks, driveways, roads, utility poles, fire hydrant, fences, foliage, and mailboxes needed to complete the scene.

C3D Neighborhood XPack 3 connects seamlessly with the two previous XPacks and the Collective3d Neighborhood Block 1 to create a single suburban city block. The complete Block 1 includes 34 houses with 2 full interiors, hundreds of shrubs and trees with custom landscaping, and many more props to bring the scene to life.






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