C3D Portrait Vignettes Modern 1

Need a realistic detailed background for your favorite character that doesn’t use up all your system resources? Collective3d has you covered! C3D Portrait Vignettes are designed specifically to give you high end 3d backgrounds in which to shoot your characters without using up all your RAM and GPU, leaving more resources available to make your character look their best!

C3D Portrait Vignettes Modern 1 represents the entryway of a Colonial Revival home, complete with furniture including an Accent Table, Storage Bench, Plant, Wall Shelf, and Welcome Mat. Simply drop your character into the scene, set your lights, and shoot! The entire scene is under 25,000 polygons and around 75 megabytes of textures, making it extremely lightweight and easy to use. Included is a preload file with all the assets arranged as pictured, as well as individual files for each item so you can load in extras, or load them easily into other scenes!

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