Camezard HD Original Creature


Roaming vast desert plains of far off worlds or fantasy vistas from the corners of the mind, the Camezard makes it’s way, alone or in packs, among it’s own or as part of exotic caravans, as beasts of burden or beloved creature companions.

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Camezard HD is an original figure for Daz Studio, with exclusive HD embedded shaping sculpted to exhaustive levels of detail. The kit comes with two material presets for the Camezard, it’s default reptilian style and alternate, pale pink design. Both texture sets have accompanying material presets, all developed to take advantage of Iray and modern physics based rendering.

Also included is a full set of tack, reins and saddlery utilizing the same unflinchingly detailed techniques to be found on the creature itself, with full PBR/Iray texturing, and extensive rigging for maximum versatility.








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