CARMEN 1920’s Tutti Frutti Hat

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The Carmen 1920’s Tutti Frutti Hat is a Classic & Fun highly detailed accessory delicately handmade to capture the beauty of 1920’s & 30’S Brazilian Entertainment Style. This exotic headdress captures the Beauty and Glamour of the era with Brazilian Silks, hand grown fresh fruit,Genuine Beads, Silk Foilage. Finish the look off with authentic turban earrings, frutti stack bead necklace and hand painted Maracas!
Each piece is delicately hand textured to give a feel of authenticity and a taste of the roaring 20’s
This is sure to give your artwork the fun flair you been looking for!

This Frutti turban hat was inspired by the Brazilian Bombshell Carmen Miranda who was a Portuguese-born Brazilian Samba Singer, dancer and film star. As a young woman, she designed hats in a boutique before making her first recordings with composer Josué de Barros in 1929.

All Materials are delicately hand painted in Substance Painter & designed in Substance Designer to ensure the most realistic quality for your renders.

Materials are optimized and tested for use with Iray renders.

What’s Included in this Mega pack?…

◘ Authentic 1920’s Tutti Frutti Tuban Hat
◘ Tutti Frutti Necklace
◘ Carmen Hoop Earrings L&R
◘ Vintage Maracas L&R
◘ Tutti Frutti Sliced Fruit ADDON
◘ Rumba Maracas Pose
◘ Tutti Frutti Maracas Pose

◘ 16 Turban Shimmering Brazilian silks

◘ 16 Turban Frilly Flower Fabrics (Match with Turban Silks or Mix!)

◘ 5 Tropical Foilage Mats

◘ 10 Hand Painted Lilies with Hand Painted Stamen

◘ 9 Options for fruit including spotted Banana, lime, wet apple a choice of red or white grapes and a bonus translucent white grape option!

◘ 16 Fan Palm Styles..includes sparkling styles

◘ 10 Bead Styles and colors (These can also be used with Earrings if you wish more customization)

◘ 8 Basket Styles includes a Natural Bamboo

◘ 5 Super playful Presets for the Hat for fast and easy setup

◘ 6 Hand Painted Vintage Maracas Materials

◘ 7 Gorgeous Presets for the Hoop Earrings

All items in this pack has it’s own bones and includes a lovely range of Morphs to accommodate your posing needs.

Tip: This Item is Made for G8 But can also be used with your favorite character!
Tip 2: Turban Includes a Back Ruching style morph
Tip 3: Earrings are made to attach to the turban but with small adjustments can be worn on ears!

If you would like to know more specific info about this product please refer to the ReadMe file.
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Looking forward to seeing all the amazing artwork with CARMEN!

Thank you for your support and hope you all Enjoy as much as i did making it!

Happy Rendering xx

Character Used in Promos: Benita for Victoria 8

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Accessories for Poser and Daz Studio



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