Pd-Fantasy Realm for V4


Pd-Fantasy Realm for V4 is a conforming outfit for V4++, A4, G4 and Aery Soul’s Alice with many morphs. Both Cross-Talk and non-Cross-Talk figures are included. However, the Alice morph does not Cross-Talk. It will need to be dailed manually. Pd-Fantasy Realm for V4 includes: 1 Dress (with Cross-Talk and non-Cross-Talk versions) 1 Panties (with … Read more

dForce Emo Doll III for Genesis 8 and 8.1F


Clothing for Genesis 8 and Genesis 8.1 Female(s). Other body morphs supported by Auto-follow. Dress is dForce for better results. Files included: 1. Shirt 2. Collar 3. Leg straps 4. 6 Materials Iray Supported Shapes: Alawa8 Milawa8 Tworset8 Angharad8 Babina8 Bridget8 Eva8 Gia8 Latoya8 The Girl 8 Aiko8 Alexandra8 Charlotte8 Victoria8 Olympia8 Monique 8 Teen … Read more

Zahara Collection


The set consists of smart-parented necklace and smart-parented pair of earrings for LaFemme, Genesis 8 and Genesis 8.1 Females. Poser materials are made for both FireFly and SuperFly. DS materials are optimized for Daz Studio Iray. 8 adjustment morphs have been made for easier manipulation with the necklace. Depending on the pose, some tweaking using … Read more

dForce Classy Long Sleeve G8-G8.1 Female(s)


—————————- This package includes: —————————- – dForce Classy Long Sleeve – 10 colors – 9 Material options – 2 Simulation settings Unzip the files directly to your DAZ Studio library. ——————— Detailed Filelist: ——————— …dataSupermassiveClassy Long SleeveClassy Long Sleeve Classy Long Sleeve_11971.dsf UV SetsSupermassiveBase default.dsf MorphsSupermassiveBase CLS_Breast.dsf CLS_Neck Height.dsf CLS_Neck.dsf CLS_Shoulders.dsf CLS_Waist.dsf FBMExpandAll.dsf ——————————————————————————————- PeopleGenesis … Read more

dForce Off Shoulder Halter Dress G8G8.1F


dForce Off Shoulder Halter Dress for Genesis 8 & 8.1 Females Included: dForce Off Shoulder Halter Dress Included Materials: – 08 Iray Materials for the Dress – 02 Any Color Iray Materials (saved in white, created from the originals) – 07 Sleeve Styles – 02 Belt Styles Adjustment Morphs: Adj_BackUpper Adj_Belly Adj_BreastLeft Adj_BreastRight Adj_Breasts Adj_Chest … Read more

Bodysuit 132 MMKBG3M


Kitbashers!: In the Grand Old Tradition of Model Makers Kit-Bashing, YOU can create YOUR VERY OWN characters by piecing together items from our multiple sources. You might take gloves from one set and the bodysuit from another set to create a newly-customized costume. We strive to grow our catalog so that you may find what … Read more

MDD Danika for G8/V8 Iray Only


This product is optimized for Daz Studio 4.9.4+ IRAY Only. Daz Studio version 4.9.4+ is required for Genesis 8 Female. *Genesis 8 Female Head Morphs and Body Morphs are required for this product* *Victoria 8 Required* ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Danika Includes: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1 Head Apply/Remove 1 Body Apply/Remove % Slider for Head/Body/Full 1 Full Character Preset (Including … Read more

M3D Zombienator Bundle


The M3D Zombienator Bundle is a set of items that make it possible to turn any Genesis 8.1 Males figure into a unique Zombie. Expand your library of zombies with many possibilities and possible combinations! Please see each product’s page for details. What’s Included and Features This Bundle includes: M3D Zombienator for Genesis 8.1 Male … Read more

Disreputable Lair


Disreputable Lair is the place where bad guys hang out at the bar, and there’s usually an illegal gambling den too. It’s also not uncommon for a bar brawl to break out and the local thugs attempt to intimidate the newcomers. I hung around just to spend three Zalnat for this flavorless liquid they distill … Read more

B.E.T.T.Y. Rattan Furniture


B.E.T.T.Y. Rattan Furniture is a set of 12 detailed Rattan Furniture props. With 2 material variations for each, they make a great redecoration choice for any interior scene. Enhance your indoor renders with B.E.T.T.Y. Rattan Furniture! What’s Included and Features B.E.T.T.Y. RF Rattan Furniture: (.DUF) Scene Subsets: 12 Rattan Furniture Props !Complete Zero Props: RF … Read more

HuYeon for Genesis 8.1 Male


HuYeon for Genesis 8.1 Male is a Korean action hero, famed for all the dynamic and intense roles he plays. His dark tanned skin and athletic build define him as a strong warrior who has survived many battles as all his facial options will attest to. This character was designed with ultra-realistic skin techniques. The … Read more

M3DZ Zombie Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males


M3DZ Zombie Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males is the perfect outfit for your zombie and horror renders. This set consists of a shirt, pants, boxes, and a hat, all worn, dirty, and rotten – how could it be otherwise for your zombies! Be sure to incorporate this set of clothes in your scary … Read more

M3DZ Zombie Hair Set for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males


Do you want a set of hairstyles for your Zombies renders? Well, then M3DZ Zombie Hair Set is the product you’re looking for. A simple but complete set of hairstyles made up of a crest, short hair, long hair, and a base that you can use independently. A hairstyle in the purest Zombie style. Get … Read more

Gore Iray Shaders


Gore Iray Shaders is a set of 35 high detail shaders that is ideal for horror scenes. Included are 5 transmitted colors that can be applied to the base shaders. You can also add colors to give different effects. This will give a different look to the shaders. All of the patterns are different and … Read more

Invasion UFO


Invasion UFO is a sci-fi UFO prop for creating any scene that needs a detailed UFO. The body is detailed so you can get closeup renders as well as far-away ones. The Invasion UFO also has an animatable door, landing legs, and can close itself for interstellar travel. Invasion UFO also comes with a laser … Read more

M3D Zombienator for Genesis 8.1 Male


M3D Zombienator for Genesis 8.1 Males is a set of materials, wearable geoshells, and morphs to get an incredible variety of zombies. You can now turn Genesis 8.1 Male into a unique zombie. Combine the different morphs and materials and expand your library of zombies to unimaginable limits! What’s Included and Features M3D Zombienator for … Read more

Orc Girl Tzanee for Genesis 8.1 Females


Whether you need a cute or dangerous orc girl, Tzanee will bring a new and unique level of fantasy to your renders. Tzanee comes with high-definition morphs, 2 Base-Shader settings, 15 combinable LIE Makeups and Warpaints, 7 iris colors, and 2 shader presets for the sclera, which are useable with all your Genesis 8 Females. … Read more

Fantasies Ashendun


THIS PRODUCT REQUIRES: Ashendun Hair for Genesis 8 and 8.1 by Daz Originals and AprilYSHhttps://www.daz3d.com/ashendun-hair-for-genesis-8-and-81 Would you like to see a render of this hair in your favourite Fantasies colour? Is there a hair you’d like to see a Fantasies add on created for? Let me know! Send me a Site Mail! ****************************** What’s Included: … Read more

Touchable Ashendun


THIS PRODUCT REQUIRES: Ashendun Hair for Genesis 8 and 8.1 by Daz Originals and AprilYSHhttps://www.daz3d.com/ashendun-hair-for-genesis-8-and-81 Would you like to see a render of this hair in your favourite Touchable colour? Is there a hair you’d like to see a Touchable add on created for? Let me know! Send me a Site Mail! ****************************** What’s Included: … Read more

Everyday items, Fruit and vegetables for Poser


This is a lagre set of realistic ftuit and vegetables props for Poser. Also suitable for close-up renders. Low poly but high quality. Included are 27 fruit and vegetable props and a wooden and plastic crate. This product is not suitable for DAZ. Would you like to stay updated about new 2nd World 3D product … Read more