dforce – Flirty Tee – Genesis 8


Description: Show off your sexy side in this cute little crop tee shirt for Genesis 8. dforce is included but not required. Some poses look best with dforce. Flirty Tee includes: Tee for Genesis 8 Detailed Textures Bump and Transparency Maps Materials: 10 Iray Materials for the Shirt 2 Simulation Settings Shirt Morphs: AdjustBreasts AdjustShoulders … Read more

X-Fashion LightWeight Jacket for Genesis 8 Females


Description: X-Fashion LightWeight Jacket for Genesis 8 Female(s)(.DUF) Morphs: Adjust-Breasts Adjust-Collar Adjust Collars Adjust Shorter Adjust-Sides Adjust-Sleeves Adjust-UpperBack Adjust-MiddleChest 03 Open-Front Options 02 Reveal Breasts Zipper: Adjust-SidetoSide Adjust-UpDown Adjust-FrontBack Supported Shapes: FBMBodybuilderSize FBMBodySize FBMFitnessSize FBMHeavy FBMMonique8 FBMOlympia8 FBMVictoria8 FBMPearFigure FBMStephanie8 FBMTeenJosie8Body FBMVoluptuous PBMBreastsHeavy CTRLBreastsImplants PBMBreastsSize PBMBreastsShape01-08 PBMBreastsUnderCurve Other Shapes Supported by Auto-follow Textures Include: 12 … Read more

TDT-Alyssa for Genesis 8 Female


Description: Alyssa is a beautiful lady for Genesis 8 Female to add to your collection of characters! What’s Included: – Alyssa Full Character (Shape Settings Material) for G8F(.duf) – 1 Head morph /Rem – 1 Body morph /Rem – Alyssa Lashes – Nipples Apply/Remove Material Iray Options for Genesis 8 Female: – Character MAT Iray … Read more

Lancet MLIFV for DAZ Studio


You ride in 120 tonnes of moving steel, wrapped in Cera-Luminum Laminate Composite Armour and carrying the best array of defensive weapons they could mount on a Meg-Lev APC chassis. You are part of a 4-man Crew and carry 16 Infantry Troopers for Battlefield Infantry Support. Your job… Get the troops onto the battlefield and … Read more

Sisters Tammie and Rachelle for Genesis 8 Female


This product consists of 2 beautiful sisters. Tammie is the oldest and is in her early twenties. Rachelle, the youngest, is a teenager. The product comes with two skins, one light and one darker. It also includes multiple eye colors and makeup options appropriate for their ages. The product includes options for painted eyebrows and … Read more

Her Ways Poses for Genesis 8 Female


Her Ways for Genesis 8 Female is an inviting collection of 60 Full Poses and 60 mirror poses. The set also includes 12 face expression poses and 8 eye movement presets plus Upper and Lower partial poses of the full presets, making it easy to mix and match and combine the poses to come up … Read more

H&C One Piece Training Swimsuit for Genesis 8 Female(s)


H&C One Piece Training Swimsuit for Genesis 8 Female(s) What’s Included and Features H&C One Piece Training Swimsuit for Genesis 8 Female(s) (.DUF) OTS Cap AdjustFit Shape1 Shape2 Shape3 Shape4 Thickness OTS Swimsuit AdjustFit Thickness Straps Size Supported Shapes: Kala8 MeiLin8 Aiko8 Olympia8 Victoria8 Teen Josie8 Textures Include: 27 Texture, Normal and Bump Maps (2048 … Read more

Top Knot Hair and Beard for Genesis 3 and 8


A top knot hairstyle for Genesis 3 Male and Female and Genesis 8 Male and Female. Also a beard and mustache for Genesis 3 Male and Genesis 8 Male. What’s Included and Features Top Knot Hair and Beard for Genesis 3 and 8: (.DUF) Top Knot Hair for Genesis 3 Female Top Knot Hair for … Read more

Low Key Lighting – Light Set and Tutorial


Learn how to render striking Low Key renders right in Daz Studio and enhance them in Photoshop CC beyond your wildest dreams. This Daz Studio Iray lightset and tutorial combo will leave you with lots of ideas and creative approaches to one of the most beloved portrait light styles, perfect for your moody and dark … Read more

Moroccan Tent


Moroccan Tent is an oriental place. It comes with two completely different style material sets and also you can mix materials to create your own style. This authentic place can be used as Arabian, middle east, historical or even medieval, or fantastic… The product includes handy tile helper to apply cloth shaders on wherever you … Read more

Catallena HD for Genesis 8 Female


Catallena is a pretty Latina with HD morphs, Fibermesh add-ons, and lots of makeup. What’s Included and Features Catallena HD for Genesis 8 Female (.DUF) Complete Apply/Remove Body Apply/Remove Body HD Apply/Remove Head Apply/Remove Head HD Apply/Remove HD Moles Apply/Remove Lashes Apply/Remove Nails Apply/Remove Navel Apply/Remove Nipples Apply/Remove Fibermesh Brows Fibermesh Anatomical Hair Material Options: … Read more

Sensual Onepiece


Sensual Onepice is a tighty and showy onepiece for Genesis 8 Female(s).’ ——————————————————– Product Includes ——————————————————– 09 Material Style Presets Sensual Onepiece Top for Genesis 8 Female (.duf) 03 Lace Presets Sensual Onepiece Top for Genesis 8 Female (.duf) ——————————————————– Adjustment Morphs Onepiece ——————————————————– Adjust_All Front Back.dsf Adjust_Back Lower.dsf Adjust_Back Upper.dsf Adjust_Breasts.dsf Adjust_Buttocks.dsf Adjust_Lower Legs … Read more

X-Fashion After Hours Suit for Genesis 8 Female(s)


A new Fashion coat outfit for Genesis 8 Females(s), comes with a nice HiHeels, and 12 materials colors options for each piece. What’s Included and Features X-Fashion After Hours Suit for Genesis 8 Female(s)(.DUF) X-Fashion After Hours Suit Feet Pose Coat: Adjust Breasts Adjust Large Adjust LowerBack Adjust LowerFront Adjust LowerSides Adjust Shorter Adjust Sleeves … Read more

My Iray FX


My Iray FX has seven effects with morphs to generate various types of moves. Mix the morphs to create incredible effects. Product optimized for Iray engine. What’s Included and Features My Iray FX (.DUF) MIFX Balls Balls Flat Balls Movement 01 Balls Movement 02 Balls Movement 03 MIFX Dust Cloud Dust Cloud Go Down Dust … Read more

HDRI Green Fields I


The HDRI Green Fields I are a good Option for DOF Depth of field renders (For Depth of field usage please watch the video “Add DOF to an HDRI in DazStudio”). They are calibrated for the default Iray Render Settings, most materials will react very well, only minor adjustments might be necessary like adjusting the … Read more

Matias HD for Genesis 8 Male


Matias is a high-quality Character for Genesis 8 Male. His head and body are uniquely custom sculpted in Zbrush, and the skin was created using high-quality photo references for depth and detail. Matias also comes with fibermesh eyebrows. What’s Included and Features Matias HD for Genesis 8 Male (.DUF) Matias Full Character Preset Matias Head … Read more

Subway Platform For Iray


Description: Welcome to Subway Platform for Iray This is a spacious set that mimics a subway platform with a slight European feel. The set consists of the main platform with stairs at each end. The set also includes seating, trashcans and a vending machine. Everything is pre lit and ready to go. Link: https://www.daz3d.com/subway-platform-for-iray Downloads: … Read more