RY Xara Character, Hair, and Render Bundle

Meet RY Xara, the new futuristic female character for your library. RY Xara comes with high-quality features such as photorealistic skin, 3D mesh eyebrows, custom HD morphs, and many options for changing her style with makeup. She comes with both Iray PBR Skin shader and legacy Iray shader options. This bundle includes the character, a … Read more

NM Dana

Albino Girl for Daz Studio for Genesis 8 Female Morph was created in Daz Studio and Blender. Skin was created using a combination of photos, hand painting, and resources. ********************************* DAZ STUDIO 4.12 Iray MAT – Blush- 3 – Brow- 3 – Eyelash- 6 – Eyes- 9 – Lip makeup- 9 – Eye makeup- 9 … Read more

Caily for Genesis 8.1 Female

Caily for Genesis 8.1 Female is versatile and can be used in everyday to fantasy scenes and more. She comes with a variety of makeup options and has FiberMesh eyebrows for added realism. Create your next scene with Caily for Genesis 8.1 Female! What’s Included and Features Caily for Genesis 8.1 Female (.DUF) Caily Full … Read more

Zodiac Libra Bundle

Balance the scales and bring justice to the world with the Zodiac Libra Bundle! This bundle includes zodiac-inspired armor sets for male and female characters, Joachim HD for Genesis 8.1 Male, a set of Libra-themed tattoos, and a set of scales to show off your Libra characters’ love for harmony and fairness. As a bonus, … Read more

Yoga Club Corridor

Yoga Club Corridor is a well-designed interior scene in a contemporary Yoga Club. This set contains 9 separate props and 1 subset group for indoor scenes that are comfy, trendy, and designed to please your characters. The Yoga Club Corridor can make your indoor scenes more fashionable and attractive. This environment set is included in … Read more

Athena HD Cyborg for Genesis 8.1 Female

By the year 2813, human evolution has reached Cyborg reality. The Athena Cyborg for Genesis 8.1 Female comes with a highly detailed, custom-sculpted, up to SubD Level 5 Cyborg HD morph with presets and slider options for the full Athena 8.1 Cyborg HD. This set also includes a Cyborg HD Only Morph for use with … Read more

Embroidered Fantasy for Lully’s Augustine Gown G8F

Beautiful embroidery meets incredible metallic shine in these textures for Lully’s dForce Augustine Gown for G8F. This product is a Daz Studio 4.15 Iray-only texture set built with sass and sparkle in mind. All clothing items include detailed stitching with a touch of displacement to enhance your close up renders. This package includes: 08 Textures … Read more

Z Glamorous Leg Shapes and Pose Mega Set

Z Glamorous Leg Shapes and Pose Mega Set is here to sweep you away with style and magnetism! This unique set including Leg Shapes and Poses with Partials will satisfy all your needs! The 5 Gorgeous Leg Shapes have been designed to compliment your figures’ body shapes. All of the included poses have been carefully … Read more

dForce Shoofly Sleuth Outfit Texture Add-On

Looking for even more options for your dForce Shoofly Sleuth Outfit? Then look no further!! The dForce Shoofly Sleuth Outfit Texture Add-On has tons of additional options for each piece of the set! What’s Included and Features dForce Shoofly Sleuth Outfit Texture Add-On: (.DUF) Material Options: Bridget – Blue and White Margo – Shades of … Read more

Perfect Pinups: Film Noir Sitting Room

Perfect Pinups: Film Noir Sitting Room is the perfect place for you to stage your murder, mystery, or mayhem-themed scene. The set comes with dark textures to give it a mysterious air or light ones to turn it into a bright and cozy sitting room. Load each prop on its own in preloaded groups, or … Read more

Noir Monochrome Iray Shader Bundle

Add some monochromatic flair to your studio with the Noir Monochrome Iray Shader Bundle. This Bundle includes: Monochrome Iray Shaders 01 – Merchant Resource Monochrome Iray Shaders 02 – Merchant Resource Monochrome Iray Shaders 03 – Merchant Resource Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.15 Install Types: DazCentral, Manual Install Shaders-materials Fabrics DAZ Studio Merchant Resources Bundles … Read more

Camping Tents

3 Camping tents respectively for 12 Persons, 2/3 Persons and 4. Optimization is something i always care about so all the props are designed with a medium poly density, lightweight but enough detailed to permit close ups. The small 2 places tent, comes with several opening morphs. The medium tent with 3 places comes with … Read more

HD Scans Church Ruin


HD Scans Church Ruin is a spectacular 100% photoreal 1M polygon high-resolution scan of an old Swedish Church Ruin with stunning arches and pillars. It’s made from 1,000+ high-resolution photos and includes 8 12k texture maps (4 diff maps + 4 normal maps) for extreme details even at close range. Texture maps include detailed normal … Read more

Materials Colors NM Hair Adam

important information: + Materials Colors NM Hair Adam For NM Hair Adam. Additional hair colors of 10 pieces, + 10 colors of the upper strands and 10 colors of the lower strands that can be combined with each other. ********************************* product description: Shader Presets No Shader Presets + Materials Colors: + Color 10 pieces + … Read more

HeadShop – Teeth Add-On

HeadShop – Teeth Add-On is a dedicated add-on to HeadShop 14.1 or OneClick2022 products. With the new architecture implemented for these new products, now it is possible to simply add new morpher libraries such Noses, Teeth, Huminals, Warriors, and many more. Requires HeadShop 14 or HeadShop OneClick2022 Designed for Genesis 8.1 Male and Female What’s … Read more

TDT-Gabriela for Genesis 8 Female

Gabriela is a cute girl for Genesis 8 Female to add to your collection of characters! What’s Included: Shaping Presets: – Gabriela Head Apply/Rem – Gabriela Body Apply/Rem – 1 Fibermesh Eyebrow – Gabriela Lashes – Gabriela_Navel/Remove – Gabriela_Nipples/Remove Material Iray Options for Genesis 8 Female: – Character MAT Iray Skin – 7 Realistic Eye … Read more

Back to Basics for LH Basics I

Back to Basics is a large set of basic style clothing for the LH Basics I clothing set made of comfortable fabrics and all based on real-world clothing with authentic designs and detailed stitching. 06 Styles for the Boxer Briefs 03 Styles for the Socks 06 Styles for Athletic Pants 06 Styles for the Sneakers … Read more

Lun and Lun Hair for Genesis 8.1 Female

Introducing Lun and Lun Hair for Genesis 8.1 Female! Enjoy this stylized young lady who’s full of youthful innocence today. While the Lun Character is created for Genesis 8.1 Female, Lun Hair works with both Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8.1 Female! What’s Included and Features Lun and Lun Hair for Genesis 8.1 Female: (.DUF) … Read more

DA-Femenin for Winter Time Clothing for La Femme

Within this package you get 32 textures (incl. bump. ) for β€žWinter Time Clothing for La Femme by Tipol β€œ. (https://www.renderosity.com/rr/mod/bcs/?ViewProduct=145319) *08 styles for dress *08 styles for boots These comes as mc6 and are optimized for firefly & superfly, thanks for visit this page πŸ™‚ Software: Β  Poser Pro 11 Compatible figures: La Femme … Read more