CC Avandrael for Genesis 8 Female


The devil is in the details… CC Avandrael for Genesis 8 Female is an HD character with lots of options!

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She’s beautiful as a redhead, blonde or brunette or something even a little more punk. She comes with a full human base skin, full red devil and full blue devil skins. She also has both textured and shaped detailing options on her forehead, chin, and chest, as well as optional fangs, claws, and hooves!

In addition, she has two pupil shape options — slit and goat which both come with a custom dilate-constrict dial. She also comes with her own tail, horns, fibermesh brows, lashes, and anatomical elements hair (all hairs compatible with CC Beard Boss and CC Shave This materials).

Avandrael has 15 eye color options, a black sclera option that works with any of the colors and 11 eye emissive option presets. She has 5 makeup style options that have 16 solid color presets and 9 blended color presets for both base color and shimmer. She also has 12 lip color options that can be applied in one of 4 shapes — full, soft, subtle and understated. Three shine options are also available as well as shimmer and 5 coverage levels.  Her nails come in 12 matching color options and two levels of shine.

Her claws, hooves, and horns all come in 8 materials — slate, bone, pearl, obsidian, iron, patina, oily and gold — as well as materials to match Infernal Wings for Genesis 8 Male(s) and Genesis 8 Female(s), and also include 11 emissive options. Her tail comes with materials to match each of her base skins, 5 scaled options, options to match Infernal Wings for Genesis 8 Male(s) and Genesis 8 Female(s), and two opacity options for the tail cover — full and top only.

As an added bonus, she comes with new textures for the wing claws to match her original horn, hoof and claw materials, including emissives.

Bring this lovely devil home!








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