CC Centaur Breeds for Genesis 8 Male and Female Centaur


CC Centaur Breeds brings variety to the Centaurs for Genesis 8. With 10 new breeds based on horse breeds, and several new utility shapes for fine tuning, your centaurs will be distinctive and unique.

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Breed shapes include Akhal Teke, Arabian, Deer, Donkey, Foal, Gypsy Vanner, Icelandic, Percheron, Shetland and Shire. Each includes options to scale the breeds to their typical size (based on withers height) or to leave them at the base height without scaling. Utility shapes include an Alternate Transition which rounds out the front chest of the horse area, scaling adjustments which can affect either the human portion or the horse portion instead of both at once, and a muscular shape which builds on the available muscularity shapes for the legs.

CC Centaur Breeds also includes 3 dForce tails– deer, donkey and horse– as well as two horn options– deer antlers and a unicorn horn. Each comes with several different materials.








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