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Chinese Traditional Study Room

In all ages, the Chinese decorating features the combination of peace, grace, and elegance that is closely tied to the ancient history and culture, and post-modern design plays an important role nowadays.

“Chinese Traditional Study Room” strikes a fine balance between classic and contemporary styles, which will offer you a perfect reading corner and environment, anyone with such a room will be eager to go back home after a busy day to enjoy a quiet and happy private time!

What’s Included:

※ 1 Day Scene (Background Included)
※ 1 Night Scene With Full Lights Setup (Background Included)
※ 1 Full Preload

Light Settings:
※ Lights On/Off
※ Add Photometric Lights
※ Daylight Render Settings
※ Nighttime Render Settings

3 Camera presets

Textures Include:
48 Diffuse, Bump and Normal Maps, High-res Backgrounds (202 x 202 to 4378 x 2463)

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

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