Climbing Walls – OBJ

This is a sport climbing wall facility, open on one side and with a removable roof to allow for as many camera angles as possible.
The model includes an optional overhead safety line set, an optional mattress and a simple human figure to provide scale reference.

The package includes —

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* Climbing Walls room with three sides
* Roof with overhead lights that can be hidden from the camera or deleted to allow for good camera point of view.
* Simple human figure to provide scale reference
* Optional safety line that can be duplicated and moved around the room as desired
* Optional safety mattress that can be moved around the room as desired, and duplicated.

The climbing walls feature 68 different climbing holds that are unique by shape and color. The types of climbing holds are “jug”, “pinch”, “edge”, “slopers” and “pockets.” There are detailed carabiners bolted to the overhanging wall sections, and one is clipped to the upper right hand side of the back wall. (Safety lines are often run through these wall-bolted carabiners and attached to a climber’s harness to protect the climber from a fall.)

Holds were placed on the wall after mapping a series of climbing courses for beginners, children and for adult climbers with advanced skills. There are three “chimney climbing courses” in this room, and two extreme overhangs. The backwall features a shallow overhang with just a small amount of exposure.

Depending on the nature of the lighting arrangement in your application, you may wish to position point lights in each of the twelve overhead light fixtures.

Materials currently assigned to the climbing holds are somewhat shiny plastic, but also have a normal map applied to them that presents the rough textured surface grip typical of holds in the real world. You may wish to edit the materials in your application to reduce the amount of shine and to give the holds a more rough matte appearance.

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio—obj/139985



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