Collar and Leashes for the HiveWire Big Dog

Add some sparkle to your best friend! Compatible with DAZ Studio 4.10

You want to walk your dog in style? This classy set of four leather leashes and a collar allows you to add as much sparkle as you like to an outing with your best friend. Sporty, spiky or glizzy… it’s your choice!

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Requires the HiveWire Big Dog, and one or more of the following: Dawn, Dusk, Genesis 8 Male or Female Base (comes with DAZ Studio 4.10)

Be sure to read the included ReadMe for information on use of this product!

What’s Included & Features

  • Figures and Props (.duf)
    • Dog collar smart prop
    • Multi leash doubled
    • Multi leash long
    • Multi leash shoulder Dawn (smart prop, also works for Genesis 8 Female Base)
    • Multi leash shoulder Dusk (smart prop, also works for Genesis 8 Male Base)
  • Wearable Pose Presets (.duf)
    • ‘Walking the dog’ poses for each leash model
      • Multi leash doubled and long
        • Left and right poses for Dawn/Dusk/G8F/G8M
        • Poses for the HiveWire Big Dog
      • Shoulder leash
        • Left poses only
  • Master Dials for Multi leash doubled and long
    • Bend all
    • Side all
    • Twist all
  • Materials (.duf)
    • All options available for both Iray and 3Delight
    • Leash texture presets are NOT interchangeable between leash models
    • Dog Collar Options
      • Dog collar complete
      • Dog collar plain
      • Dog collar grey (apply your own color)
    • Collar Options
      • Brown Leather
      • Tan leather
      • Color it yourself leather
      • Worn leather
      • Color it yourself cotton
      • Worn/dirty cotton
    • Shader Presets
      • Brass
      • White metal
    • LIE options
      • Dirt LIE to apply to the leash
  • Utilities (.duf)
    • Cones on/off
    • Discs on/off
    • Oval stones on/off
    • Round stones on/off
    • Settings on/off
    • Spikes on/off
  • Textures
    • 32 texture maps 2048×2048 for Diffuse, Bump, Normal
SKU 12038
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures HiveWire Big Dog
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.10
Release Date Sep 3, 2019
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio



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