Collective3d Movie Sets Haunted Interior


Twenty miles north of the city as you drive up State Highway 53, there stands an old, abandoned farmhouse so overgrown it is almost invisible from the road. The locals know what went on behind its closed doors, and suspect what still walks its darkened rooms by night. They stay away.

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Collective3d Movie Sets Haunted Interior depicts two rooms of an abandoned, haunted farmhouse. Rubble and a broken down door lay on the shattered floorboards. Branches grow through the boarded doorway, a sideboard slowly collects dust in the empty dining room, and footprints track across the dusty floor. Detailed and lightweight, the Collective3d Movie Sets Haunted House is designed as a simple, easy to use scene for your favorite characters to explore. Pair it up with the Collective3d Movie Sets Haunted House exterior set to tell your own story about what walks the lonely rooms at night!

Included in the set are the walls, ceiling, and floor meshes, along with screening bushes that grow through the boarded up doorway, scattered brick rubble, a broken down front door with shattered window, and a sideboard.

Send Vicky, Mike, or any of your favorite characters inside to explore – but don’t send them alone!








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