Colour Palettes Shader Volume 2

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Product description:

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This is a tool for Daz users to create matching and harmonizing color combinations in Iray.Please note that this is a follow up to my first set. You do not need the first set to be able to use this one.

When designing products I often find myself searching for matching colour combinations. It is a known fact that some colours do not look great together and some just do! This set is divided into 10 Colour Palettes with 10 different colour options in each palette. It will change the Base Colour ONLY when working with Daz Iray Shaders. There are in total 100 colours to choose from.

This set is ideal for people who need more colours to choose from in Daz. The library is limited.I normally use it when designing texture expansions sets for clothing. It can be used for a use variety of projects where you need objects to colour match.

How to use the Colour Palettes Shader for Daz Studio?

This is a straightforward set to use. Select a colour Palette folder and choose from the matching colours. It will change the Base Colour ONLY. The Iray Default shader is applied by default.

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