Create Your Own Retro ROCKETSHIP in Daz Studio

Are you anxious to model in 3D but do not know where to start? Then start with using primitive shapes that are available in Daz Studio. This training course shows how to get around in the DS environment by creating base models which you can further development using other apps like Hexagon/ZBrush and Photoshop/TheGIMP after you have learned all the basics.

This 40-page tutorial demonstrates from start to finish all the steps necessary to build this complete classic 1930’s retro Flash Gordon style rocketship from the ground up to use in your own projects. You will discover how to create, move and size the various primitive object shapes that are available in DS. You will learn how to change the color of objects and use transparency to make your project look better. You will create the parent/child relationships required to make all the objects consolidate into one model.

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You will not need for any other files to complete this project. That’s right! And you will not need any special add-ons or plug-ins to finish this complete design. Unlike many other tutorials making the claim to use only DS for projects, with just this tutorial and Daz Studio 4 you can complete this project from start to finish without anything else!

Topics covered include:
* Primitve Modeling Techniques
– Creating Primitive Shapes
– Naming Conventions
– Translation, Rotation and Scaling
* Base Model Design Considerations
– Placement of Primitive Objects
– Shaping of Primitive Objects
– How To Add Colors
– Using Opacity for Transparency
* Making One Object from Many Parts
– Renaming Objects
– Parenting Objects
* Viewport Controls
– Focusing on an Object
– Setting Camera Vantage Point
* Saving Your Project

Daz Studio 4

Requirements:  PDF Reader

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