Creating Compelling Characters for Comics, Graphic Novels & Illustrated Narratives


Have you wanted to learn how to create compelling characters for your comics, graphic novels or illustrated narratives? What makes a character convincing or captivating? How do you provide an obvious first impression with a still artwork character?

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This masterclass is for you if you have wanted to tell a story visually with convincing characters. Providing a thorough grounding in character theory and construction and then using DAZ Studio for showing methods on how to create more identifiable characters, Peter von Stacklelberg and Esther Mann will teach you about:

  • Body types
  • Basic Face Shapes
  • Character relationship maps
  • DAZ Studio Deformer tool
  • Adding scars and cuts to a character
  • Factors that shape a story!
  • Setting First Impressions
  • Our understanding of the characters is shaped by the actions they take
  • Elements to understanding a character
  • Key Properties of Characters
  • The Characters Populating Your Storyworld
  • Major, Minor and Placeholder Characters
  • Character Archetypes
  • Avoiding ClichΓ©s and Stereotypes
  • Raising the Emotional Stakes
  • Why is it important that characters be distinctive?
  • What makes a character distinctive looking?
  • What keeps characters from looking distinctive?
  • Purposeful Resemblances
  • Challenges In Distinctive Features
  • How characters are typically differentiated
  • Ways to test your cast’s distinctiveness
  • Character relationship maps
  • Character arcs
  • Face and body types
  • Morph dialling faces with G8
  • Morph dialling bodies with G8
  • Recommended resources
  • Photoshop skin brushes
  • Scars, cuts and scabs – we’ll show you how to apply these
  • Ageing characters.

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