Creating game objects with free software – The Portal

This product is a set of videos that describe the process of modeling a 3D object from a model or from an image. It begins by showing how one can observe an object and from it imagine how it can be modeled. Both modeling and UV mapping take place in Wings 3D, a free polygonal modeler. Next comes the texturing of the object, using two ways not very different from each other, but producing similar results in Gimp. Finally the rendering of the model is done in Daz Studio.

This product contains:
– Set of 32 videos that show step by step the creation of an object from an existing model, as well as its texturing and rendering.
– Set of materials, being: 6 concrete, 4 horns, 3 metal and 3 stones, each with diffuse, specular, displacement, ambient occlusion and normal textures.
– Copy of the created portal, including its basic map and textures for each part of the portal.
– Set of 19 textures to use for object texturing.

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It’s very easy to use:
Create a folder called Portal and simply unzip the product into it (make sure you remember where it is).
Open each of the videos in your favorite media player. You can pause right after watching a piece and following the example using one of the programs indicated.

Daz Studio 4, Wings 3D

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio—the-portal/139087



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