Creepy Old Attic


Creepy Old Attic is a dark and dusty attic filled with old junk tucked away over many years, waiting to be discovered again.

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The attic itself features two window options: an octagonal window or two rectangular windows, easily changed by simply rotating the attic 180 degrees.  Any props parented will follow, while any props not parented will simply stay where you put them, changing only the window style.

The props are a collection of two types: Junk Piles and Individual Props. The junk piles are lower-poly pre-stacked piles of junk that load as a single prop, yet each element of the prop has a bone that allows it to be translated or rotated as you wish by selecting it in the Scene tab and then using Parameters to manipulate it.  These junk piles are great for filling in the dark corners of the attic.

Individual props can be placed anywhere in the scene, even mixed with the junk piles.The tricycle, rag doll, and mirror have limited movements to better pose them for the scene.

Iray materials with a dusty and grimy texture have been carefully made for every prop in the set. The dollhouse and the two light props have material presets to turn the lighting off/on.

Don’t forget the bonus plush toy, a cute little bat named “Misha”.

A large cube with volumetric settings is included and has also been saved with each preloaded scene setup, though is hidden by default. Simply turn it on in the scene tab to use it Note, however, using the Volume Cube will increase render times quite a bit.

*Note: when using the Volume Cube, you may want to increase the settings in the Render Settings tab to allow for more time








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