Customize vol 2 for Everyday 2


This Customize add-on for EveryDay 2, will make both shirt and pants probably the most versatile and customizable pieces of clothing Genesis 8 can put her hands on.
– You will find light versions for all the base package styles, so that they are easier to re-color (the simplest of customization steps) and play with.
– A curated palette of 85 colors (you can set any color you want, these just give you 1-click options to play with)
– Lots of masks: partial, gradients, patterns and designs, all stylish! You can recolor them as you like.
– Additional FX options for even more hoomp to your design: bump, glossy, grunge and metallic effects.

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In our promo you can see both final examples (yes, we had fun!) and step by step examples: it’s just a matter of a few clicks (don’t forget to check out the vids)!
Note that all options are available for both shirt and pants. The possibilities for combination of basic styles colors masks effects are thousands, it was impossible to show them all, but we tried to hint at the potential.

It’s very easy to create any kind of style you want, don’t be intimidated by the many options as they are all organized in a clear structure that mimics the steps you have to take, we made it so it’s as user-friendly as possible.
You can go from simply coloring the clothes in any shade you want (we included 85 beautiful ones, but you can set any), just coloring some parts, like the sleeves, or go all in with complete patterns and design and additional FX to have them look plastic-like or metallic.

This add-on only makes use of the Surface tab material options, no LIE options are included, so you really only need a few seconds to create your styles.
You will, however, need to do so with Iray preview active, as the designs will not appear in the preview mode only.

Required Products: Everyday 2 for Genesis 8 Female(s)








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