CW_Diana for Genesis 8 Female

CW_Diana for Genesis 8 Female

She serves the moon, or the moon serves her. Its rays shine silvery on her pale skin,
gathering in crescent-shaped marks on her forehead and body. Moon marks that,
when bundled together, bestow magical powers.
She is a moon goddess. Her sensual rounded body is graceful and strong her nature slightly hypothermic.
But you can also make a fierce heroine out of her. When the blood moon shines,
the shiny marks on her skin turn red, bringing out the animalistic, unpredictable in her.
She will fight and never give up. This character captivates with feminine curves,
graceful features, magical tattos and pale skin that only a moon goddess can have. Perfect for any fantasy render.
Perfect in clothing that hugs her feminine curves.
Diana is the perfect character for your magical, fantastic renders….

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What’s Included:

– CW_Diana Full Character Genesis 8 Female

Shaping Presets:

– CW_Diana Full Apply/Rem
– CW_Diana Head Apply/Rem
– CW_Diana Body Apply/Rem
– CW_Diana Eyebrow
– CW_Diana Eyelashes 50%/100% Apply/Rem
– CW_Diana Nipples Apply/Rem
– CW_Diana Navel Apply/Rem
– CW_Diana Ears Apply/Rem

Material Iray Options for Genesis 8 Female:

– CW_Diana MAT Iray Skin

– 16 Eye Colors
– 10 Brows Colors
– 03 different eyelash shapes/16 different Eyelashes Color/Metallic Lashes
– 18 Makeup Face/12 Eyeshadow-Metallic Colors
– 15 Lips Colors/Metallic Lips
– 16 Nails/Toenails Colors
– 02 Geoshell_Forehead Moon Badge with colored lighting
– 02 Geoshell Tattoo – with different colors

Options LIE presets:

– 02 Tattoo LIE – with different colors
– 04 Blush LIE
– 03 Face Eyeliner LIE
– 02 Face Makeup LIE
– 01 Face Smeared Makeup LIE

Note;If you want to use new Makeup, you’ll need to reload the LIES as well

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

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