DA Big Ocean


DA Big Ocean is an Ocean Shader solution for creating Oceans and Seas quickly and easily with Daz Studio Iray.

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This set is made up of a few different components including a custom MDL (Iray) Shader base that introduces independent tiling (Scale) and Rotation parameters for various Shader parameters, including White Water Overlay, Refraction, Normal 1, Normal 2 and Displacement. The Base Shader also includes a second Normal Map Channel to allow for more details when compiled with the scaling settings.
The included Shaders are configured for the DA Big Ocean props but are easily edited for any prop within your own scene or to create your own Water Shaders.

The Base Set (DA Big Ocean)
Includes a 1000 metre square plane that acts as the Base Sea Plane, apply Big Ocean Plane Shader Presets to this Base Sea Plane. Paired with this is an equally sized Full Sea Iray Decal that adds an extra level of detail to the Base Sea Plane, use the Decal Full Sea Shader Presets on the Full Sea Decal.
Shader Presets
Included are 26 Shader Presets for the Base Sea Plane and 15 Shader presets for the Full Sea Decal. Easily apply the Shader Presets for a large variety of Ocean appearances from Calm to Tidal waves, Tropical to Deep Ocean. Each Shader Preset is configured for the included props, but is easily modified for use with any other UV’d prop. When combining the Base Sea Plane and Full Sea Decal Shader Presets 100s of different looks are possible.
Individual Props
Other props in the DA Big Ocean set include Smaller White Water Decals that allow you to add additional details such as Boat wakes or White Water effects to your Ocean. The Base Sea Plane and the Full Sea Iray Decal are also included as individual props.

Render Settings
Included is a preset to set the Iray Ground below the limits of the Base Sea Plane Displacement limits while leaving your other Render settings as set. Also included are 8 Sun and Sky lighting Presets for quickly lighting a scene. All Presets have been tested with a variety of lighting conditions including HDRI lighting.

Through the use of the included custom Iray Shader base, Shader Presets and the additive factor of the White water Decals, a realistic and fast rendering Ocean Surface is possible with ease. Customisation and modification is easy with 100’s of unique possibilities to suit every ocean scene.









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