Dante 7 Mature Expressive


Dante Mature Expressive is a set of 35 face expressions (poses) using the Dante 7 basic morphs.

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In this set, you’ll find 35 hand made custom expressions morphs (no other expression pack is needed for it to work) to get the best out of Dante 7 amazing new face capabilities. For each Expression, you’ll have a dial in the Dante 7 property and you’ll also get a pose file to apply it directly.

Doing it that way will grant you the possibility of fine tuning the expressions: you can reduce dial A, increase dial B or add dial C to fit your exact need.

Additionally, you’ll have 10 others poses files that will mix the Expressive unique morphs and Dante 7 basic face parameters to give you truly unique expressions.

Those poses and expressions have been carefully made to be as realistic and as subtle as possible.

You’ll get 45 custom expressions and the possibility to create yourself as much as you want to !








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