DAZtoBlender8 (v1.8)


DAZtoBlender8 is a plug-in for migrating and using DazStudio’s Genesis 8 figures to Blender.

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Besides basic functions such as IK / FK switching and material adjustment, it also has many applied functions such as morph creation for DazStudio and transition to Rigify mode.

DazStudio has considerable limitations on the basic functionality of 3D applications, but DazToBlender 8 is completely open to users from those limitations and is able to express itself freely in a state-of-the-art 3D space The purpose is.

DazStudio figures can be freely rendered and presented as your own work in 2D expression methods such as still images and videos, whether for profit or not.However, unauthorized sale of 3D data itself is not permitted at all.In addition, if you want to use it in the form of 3D data appearance in the game etc., you need to purchase “Interactive License” for each figure.

To explain the position of this application, everyone originally came from DazStudio output functions such as OBJ, FBX, DAE, and OBJ, FBX, DAE, etc. supplied to Blender. It is intended to assist the easy-to-use mechanism of 3D data utilization that is prepared to be used freely.Therefore, please handle the 3D data carefully, read each of DazStudio’s rules, and be responsible for not breaking the rules.

The author is not responsible for any violation of 3D data handling regulations that may occur by using this application.









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