DC-ASH for La Femme Lite and Pro

DC-ASH for La Femme is for La Femme Lite or La Femme 1R1. La Femme 1R1 is recommended for full morph support.

This bionic sci fi suit turns La Femme into an Advanced Super Human … hence ASH. The textures are highly detailed and include pipes, circuits, and glows throughout the body. Her model number … ASH 2068 … is embossed on her back.

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And that isn’t all! There are some extra sassy optional glow images to enhance her breasts and hip area. Try them to add some spice to your droid!

Still more! Several Hide and Restore material files allow you to hide various body parts, or restore them back to whichever color variation you choose, allowing you to mix and max colors in the outfit!

Thanks for your interest in ASH for La Femme. Hope you enjoy it!

Included in this product:

– ASH (Advanced Super Human) Bodysuit (.cr2)
– 62 Material Presets (.mc6)
— 32 Show/Restore Material Presets
— 10 presets for Blue Suit
— 10 presets for Pink Suit
— 10 presets for Red Suit
– 32 4096 x 4096 Textures
— 9 Color Maps (3 full color maps and 6 for breast color variations)
— 5 Emission Maps (1 base emission map and 4 optional breast and hip glow variations)
— 6 Metallic Maps
— 6 Normal Maps
— 6 Roughness Maps

The material presets include shaders optimized for both FireFly and SuperFly.

In addition to full morph support for La Femme’s base body morphs, Blackhearted’s Femme Fatale Morphs, and Deecey’s La Femme Body Kit, the following adjustment morphs are also included:


The suit loads with the blue texture version as default. There is a full suit material pose in each of the Deecey > ASH > Blue, Pink, and Red folders to change the colors of the complete suit.

The Deecey > ASH > Blue, Pink, and Red folders also include options that will apply different detail and glow options to the breasts and hip/thigh area. Check them out to add even more variation to the set!

Finally, you will find various show and restore options to hide one or more material zones for the ultimate in variation. The HIDE poses will hide different areas of the android suit. The corresponding RESTORE poses will “unhide” the hidden parts in the color you click. You can also use the RESTORE poses to mix and match colors on the suits.

Poser Pro 11

Compatible figures: La Femme Pro 1.1 – Female Poser Figure, La Femme Base Figure – Included in Poser Pro 11

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