Depth Lighting


Depth lighting provides a quick and unique way to light your interior and exterior scenes by using subtle color changes, hard and soft luminance masking, and variable levels of light to create depth and distance. For example: with interiors, you can put warm colors close to the camera with cool colors in the background. For exteriors, you can put saturated colors close to the camera with colors fading to a pale blue-grey as they recede in space. These lights will provide a great supplemental light source to HDRIs. There are three scene subset props that are scaled to fit different sized scenes, each of these loads with two spotlights to assist with supplemental light.

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There are 57 materials that provide a wide variety of effects that can be used in any genre, as they represent both man-made and natural light situations including underwater. The Spectrum 18 preset can be used to create 3D stereoscopic images for use with Chromadepth glasses. Several utilities are included to assist you with changing brightness, hiding surfaces, luminance shape-masking, and making surfaces both hidden and emissive. There are 10 render settings, one creates a midnight light, the rest adjust saturation from black and white to double the default setting.








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