Detail Lighting


Detail Lighting offers you a variety of lighting to add realistic architectural details or a bit of extra indirect lighting.

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Product includes:

2 types of lighted cornices used to add light around the top of the room.

2 types of lighted base board to illuminate at ground level.

A super low profile light with morphs. Can be run along the ground, as a pin stripe on the wall, or as used in a variety of sizes.

Round ceiling lights in 3 sizes for indirect down lighting or up lighting.

A set of square wall sconces in 3 sizes and a matching bar light.

A set of round lights in 4 sizes.

Detail Lighting also includes 6 materials for each light type, to alter the strength of the light and change the light temperature, and shaders that can be used on any surface so you can match other items in your scene.  Expand your options beyond the materials included for the props!








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