dForce Anigame Chemise G8F

Clothing dForce Anigame Chemise made for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Other body morphs are supported by Auto-follow.

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Files included:
1. !Anigame Outfit(duf)
2. Anigame Chemise(duf)
3. Anigame Gloves(duf)
4. Anigame Leggings(duf)
5. Anigame Panties(duf)
6. Anigame Stockings(duf)
~ Materials
7. !Select Full Outfit(dsa)
8. -Blue Material Preset(duf)
9. -Brown Material Preset(duf)
10. -Green Material Preset(duf)
11. -Grey Material Preset(duf)
12. -Pink Material Preset(duf)
13. -Red Material Preset(duf)
14. -Violet Material Preset(duf)
15. Gloves Hide(duf)
16. Gloves SHow(duf)
~ Color Scripts
17. Chemise Border Color Picker(dsa)
17. Chemise Fabric Color Picker(dsa)
18. Chemise Ribbon Color Picker(dsa)
19. Chemise Rope Color Picker(dsa)
20. Gloves Arm Color Picker(dsa)
21. Gloves Border Color Picker(dsa)
22. Gloves Hand Color Picker(dsa)
23. Leggings Belt Color Picker(dsa)
24. Leggings Border Color Picker(dsa)
25. Leggings Fabric Color Picker(dsa)
26. Leggings Metal Color Picker(dsa)
17. Leggings Pattern Color Picker(dsa)
17. Panty Fabric Color Picker(dsa)
17. Panty Rope Color Picker(dsa)
17. Panty Straps Color Picker(dsa)
17. Stocking Fabric Color Picker(dsa)
17. Stocking Strap Color Picker(dsa)

Supported Shapes:

Bodybuilder Size
Fitness Size
Reina Xiao
RedAnt G8F Tessa
RedAnt G8F Yanushka

Extra morphs included and adjustment morphs, namely:

Anigame – Chemise: Chemise Expand All
Anigame – Chemise: Chemise Front Ribbon Move Appart
Anigame – Chemise: Chemise Front Ribbon Move Forward
Anigame – Panties: Panty Expand All
Anigame – Glove Left: Glove Left Expand All
Anigame – Glove Right: Glove Right Expand All
Anigame – Stocking Left: Stocking Left Strap Expand
Anigame – Stocking Left: Stocking Left Expand All
Anigame – Stocking Right: Stocking Right Strap Expand
Anigame – Stocking Right: Stocking Right Expand All
Anigame – Legging Left: Legging Left Expand All
Anigame – Legging Right: Legging Right Expand All

A detailed list of morphs in the readme.

Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio



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