dForce Assyrian Outfit for Genesis 8 Female


This outfit is based on depictions of male clothing for the Assyrian/Babylonian cultures of the middle and late Bronze Age, since depictions of female clothing are rare. The outfit is provided as individual pieces rather than a set outfit, to allow for a degree of individual customization.

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Outfit Pieces:
Long Fringed Tunic (can be worn with fringed tunic belt OR fringed overskirt, with or without fringed shawl)
Fringed shawl (fits over tunic, tunic tunic belt, tunic skirt, or hip belt)
Fringed Skirt (can be worn with or without the tunic. Can NOT be worn with either of the belts)
Fringed tunic belt (for use with fringed tunic. Cannot be mixed with fringed skirt)
Fringed hip belt (worn alone, similar to the egyptian slave belts. Cannot be worn with fringed tunic or fringed skirt)

Because of the way dForce handles overlapping surfaces, some poses will produce pokethrough when an overlapping surface moves across it. Sharp bends at the knee, for example, are particularly prone to this. I have tried to give the widest possible leeway, but please do not assume that any pose can be used successfully with this outfit.









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