dForce Collection 01 – Casual Pants & Blouse for Genesis 8 Female(s)


This set is the first in a series of clothing collections with dForce support. Use the full outfit or only parts of it – this set is made for kitbashing!

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Comfortable leggins, a basic top that is a staple in any wardrobe, and a loose-fitting, comfortable blouse, combined with flat thong sandals create a perfectly casual style for many occasions.

This set is perfect for everyday scenes and portraits, it will look great in close-up renders.

The clothing items are fully rigged and can be used with many poses without running a dForce simulation. However, for really good results I recommend using dForce, especially on the blouse. The included PDF User Guide explains how to select single items for simulation. For your convenience the set also includes presets to freeze and un-freeze the simulation.

All items come with two textures, one features a maritime color scheme and the second one has a delicate romantic theme. Utility presets for the blouse allow you to change the glossiness and the transparency with just one double-click. Separate presets for the shoe decoration make it easy to mix and match.









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